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Leigh Friesen

Leigh Friesen tells the story of song in his live performance. Stories of how his songs were written, what events and people inspired them. He also tells stories of the songs he covers in his original interpretations of them. Stories of how they came to be popular in our main stream culture and how they came to be recorded and famous.
Leigh’s vocal performance of the songs are dynamic and powerful, showcasing a lifetime of performing live music. His original approach to the treatment of the songs mix powerfully with the instruments he has mastered over five decades of working on his craft. Whether it be on his first learned instrument, acoustic guitar, a classical guitar, an electric guitar, a ukulele or a banjo, Leigh’s skill at expressing himself through his music comes through the performances. His interactive banter with the crowd draws them into the performances as well, playing with dancing children on the microphone, welcoming travellers, tourists and locals into the sphere of the Story of Song.

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Leigh Friesen

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1661 Duranleau St 2nd floor,
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
V6H 3S3

Phone: (604) 834-1567
Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM, Closed Weekends

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