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Shiney Circus

Shine is a trained actor and clown whose time in Circus School combined with years of Acrobatic training, brings subtle nuances of performances seldom seen in the street. With over 10 years of circus experience, performing and training in Australia, Bali, Costa Rica, the United States, Thailand, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador and Honduras, Shine blends family friendly entertainment catering to kids and adults a like. The show’s emphasis is physical theatre, feats of strength, clowning, miming and using circus apparatus such as the the high flying Chinese Pole and the Roue Cyr Wheel, that no one else in Vancouver uses. Sure to leave the crowds feeling good with a smile on there face and wanting more Shine brings his passion, excitement and love for life to every show and the enthusiasm is truly contagious. Be sure to catch his show for a truly memorable experience that will leave you longing to come back and maybe even one day you will want to run away and join the circus!

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photo of kneeling man juggling ball for young child

Contact us
1661 Duranleau St 2nd floor,
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
V6H 3S3

Phone: (604) 834-1567
Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM, Closed Weekends

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