A valid Busker Licence must be visible at all times while performing.  Tenants, visitors and CMHC Granville Island staff must be able to tell at a glance that a busker is registered.

Setup and strike MUST happen within the allotted set times – no exceptions.

Under no circumstance may a busker setup or start their set early.  They must also not stay beyond their end time: this includes not being a physical presence on or near the pitch so that there is no distraction for the next busker.  Even if there is no busker scheduled immediately after a busker’s set, the same rule applies.  Regardless of what activity is taking place, staying beyond your end time is a violation.

All Access Licence holders may play as individuals, duets or trios. Whether busking as an individual or as part of a duo/ trio, the one set per location per day still applies.

There are seven outdoor amplified busking locations available in 60 minute blocks from 11:00am-7:00pm

  1. Triangle Square
  2. Public Market Courtyard
  3. Ocean Art Works
  4. Island Plaza – amplified lite  (alternates hourly with acoustic)
  5. The Ferry Landing
  6. The Keg  (only during off season: from the first day of Fall to the first day of Spring)
  7. Railspur Alley – at the Park (alternates with acoustic) – amplified lite

Buskers may sign-up for one set per location, per day.



Buskers must attend the morning draw at 10am in the Picnic Pavilion to sign up for the amplified locations.  Attendance at the draw must be in person – agents or representatives are not allowed to sign up on a busker’s behalf.

The Morning Draw is for “All Access” and “Group” licence holders.  It happens every morning, at 10 am sharp, at the Picnic Pavilion, located on the South Side of the Island.  Each busker draws a number which determines the sign up order for that day.  Each busker signs up for one spot at a time according to the number they drew, until all the spots are gone.  Buskers may sign up for one set per location, per day.

Arrive on time.
Latecomers risk exclusion from the draw.

  • You are required to show your valid busker licence in order to take part in the draw.
  • Sign-up is in-person only.  Agents or representatives are not allowed to sign up on a busker’s behalf. However, for group acts one member may represent their group at the draw.
  • Individuals are not permitted to select locations both as individuals and as members of a group.
  • Buskers must not trade, switch, sell or exchange their number or spot with another busker; doing so will result in both buskers losing their sign-up privileges.
  • If you do not come to the Morning Draw you are not eligible to busk at an All-Access location for that day.

If a busker is late or doesn’t arrive to a set, the location will be held for a maximum of 10 minutes before it is opened up to other buskers.  Buskers wishing to use these unclaimed spots must contact CMHC Granville Island at 604-834-1567 prior to performing.  In all cases, the one-set-per-location per day and instrument restrictions still apply.

The RESERVED SPOTS POLICY remains in effect from April 1 – September 30.

On Thursdays from June through October, Triangle Square musical performers will share the space with the Granville Island Farmers Market.  At those times Triangle Square will be restricted to musical, amplified lite acts only.


Amplification is a privilege on Granville Island.  Amplification must be used only in designated areas and must be used with care and consideration for the visitors, tenants and nearby residents of Granville Island.

Buskers who want to be amplified will have their levels set at two locations, one from each of the Amplified and Amplified Lite locations.  Changing of equipment will require a new level set.  Buskers must comply with requests by CMHC Granville Island to reduce their volume.  Periodic monitoring of sound levels with a decibel meter will be conducted to ensure reasonable levels.

Busking activity on Granville Island must operate at a level so that the sound is not intrusive above background levels to the degree that a passer-by would have to strain their voice to be heard above the sound.

The sound levels from a busking performance shall at no time disrupt business trading including retail and dining establishments, affect workplace performance or detract from public appeal. Sound from busking must be maintained in accordance with the designated sound levels listed below:

There are two levels of amplification:

  1. Amplified Locations – Sound levels at Triangle Square and the Public Market Courtyard will be set by the decibel meter to a maximum 90 dB at 5 meters.
  2. Amplified Lite – Sound levels at the Island Plaza, Keg, Ocean Artworks, Island Entrance, Ferry Landing and Railspur Alley at the park, will be set by the decibel meter to a maximum 82 dB at 5 meters.

Regardless of the sound levels noted above, if the noise output has generated complaints and is determined to be intrusive, the busker must reduce the volume to an acceptable level or be required to cease performance immediately.

An enthusiastic audience or an increase in another performer’s volume levels are not valid reasons for exceeding the designated sound levels.

Electrical power is available at the outdoor amplified locations. Buskers will need a minimum 50’ extension cord to play at some of the locations.  Buskers must ensure that their equipment, cables and cords meet current safety standards. CMHC Granville Island reserves the right to disconnect any equipment that is likely to cause injury or damage. Cords or other equipment must not cross roadways or in any way interfere with the safe and convenient movement of pedestrians.  Cords must not directly cross a pedestrian walkway.

The maximum number of speakers a busker may use is two. In addition, tops of speakers may not be more than a maximum of four (4) feet from the ground.

On occasion, power may not be available due to maintenance, repairs or safety concerns.  Power is available at the discretion of CMHC Granville Island. CMHC Granville Island assumes no responsibility for any damage that may occur to a busker’s equipment – including damage or loss caused by interruption of power or disconnection or removal of equipment.  Should a busker notice a problem with the power, they are to notify CMHC Granville Island as soon as possible in order to have the problem remedied.