Busking (Street performance) is the act of performing voluntarily in public places for gratuities from members of the public. Granville Island is proud of its reputation for supporting lively street culture and greatly values the diversity of entertainment that buskers provide in the public realm. Artistic and cultural life is integral to Granville Island’s creative environment as it encourages performers to showcase their craft. Granville Island is committed to providing a safe, accessible, and culturally sensitive environment for all.

Anaconda: Fusion Bambu

Anaconda: Fusion Bambu

Anaconda (Luis Martos) has travelled from San Marcos Cajamarca, Peru to perform South American and international music with Andes instruments every summer on Granville Island since 2000. Luis incorporates birdcall and rain sound using instruments like chacchas and mouth sounds. His extensive collection of instruments…


Amplified Locations

There are 8 amplified outdoor busking locations on Granville Island. At these locations you will see amplified musicians, circle (circus) acts, group acts, and more!

Acoustic Locations

There are 3 indoor and 3 outdoor acoustic busking locations at Granville Island. At these locations you will see acoustic musicians (with and without vocals), magicians, storytellers and more! 

Availability of Island Plaza and Railspur Park as acoustic busking locations alternates with amplified busking. Kids Market Courtyard is available for acoustic busking but can only be signed up for at the Morning amplified Draw.


Indoor Location Map