Today’s Performance Schedule

Busker Opportunities

  • Join us for a virtual FACTOR 101: Info Session for Women & Gender Minorities to learn more about FACTOR and how you can get started to apply for funding on Friday, November 27th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm EST! This event is open to women and gender minorities, including but not limited to trans individuals (AMAB and AFAB), agender and non-binary people. This virtual session is designed to provide an overview of FACTOR programs, the application process, and eligibility requirements. We will cover in detail the two juried programs, Artist Development and Juried Sound Recording.

  • Creative BC has created a resource index for the motion picture, interactive, music and publishing industries that allows you to find resources that are catered to your needs.

  • Variety of funding opportunities

  • Busker input sought on design specs of a tap-to-tip device for all street performers internationally.

  • Exchange of knowledge and ideas from world-class creative experts and decision-makers from the music and film/TV industry

  • APPLY NOW for the #AmplifyBC Innovation Program supporting projects, platforms, and services that address the needs of BC’s music industry due to COVID-19.