Granville Island Busking Program

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New Applicants

Before applying, you may wish to review the 2022 2023 Granville Island Busking Program Handbook

2024 Granville Island Busker Application

Applications Open
Contact Information
If more than one person in the act/group, then each individual must complete an online application.
Put the maximum number of performers in your group. Please ensure that each member has submitted an individual application with their personal details and referencing the group name.
For parking passes. Available to those who attend the morning draw to perform that day.
Performance Info
Please select which applies
Please select which applies. It is likely that indoor busking can not return for a number of months, meaning acoustic acts will only have a few outdoor busking locations to choose from, when Busking resumes.
If successful in your application to be a Granville Island Busker, are we permitted to list this description on a profile page about you?
If a musician, please list your instruments and equipment. If a circle show or variety act, please list your materials and equipment.
Buskers (Circle show) requesting to perform with fire, and/or include fire, in their acts are required to submit ALL the items on the ‘Use of Fire’ list specified by CMHC Granville Island (The ‘Use of Fire’ list will be provided at the time of the registration to interested performers).
Video submission advice
We ask for at least 2 videos so as to have a greater understanding of a performer’s act. It can be difficult to review an application based on just one video. For people applying as solo and as part of a band, this means they can also submit videos relating to both. The optional 3rd video gives the selection panel another opportunity and may help when making more difficult decisions. It can also be an opportunity for people who plan to play different instruments for each song. The volume of applications means that invitation to live audition is heavily based on digitally submitted videos. Please choose videos that represent your busking act; what your act consists of and how an audience reacts or engages, if possible.
Please provide a link for a specific video URL (i.e. Youtube or Vimeo). This can be a private link if you prefer.
Please provide a 2nd link for a different video URL (i.e. Youtube or Vimeo). This can be a private link if you prefer.
If successful in your application to be a Granville Island Busker, are we permitted to list these video links on a profile page about you? (Let us know if one or all of them could be included)
A minimum 45 minute set list with no repetition (for music acts only). Please list all songs/tunes and specify which are originals and which are covers. Buskers who routinely play three or more days per week need to have three or more hours of performance-ready repertoire, and must consistently vary their set lists daily to avoid repetition. Buskers who perform less than three days a week must continue to expand their repertoire and may not play the same song more than once in a set.
If yes and successful in your application to be a Granville Island Busker, you may need to submit a copy of your backing tracks. Please review page 4 of the Busking regulations to ensure that your use of backing tracks fits within the expected use.
Please list the names and the prices.
Experience & supporting material
Please select all that apply.
Please don't send a photo of your passport with private details, just a photo of you! No sunglasses. This photo is to be used for creating the busker license if successful. Please ensure it is Jpeg and a head-shot that is clear of background. Photo should be recent and taken in the last year
Please upload a great photo of you in action. We'll use this on your profile page. Landscape and square work better for the format on our website.
*If you are under 18 years of age, your guardian or legal sponsor must complete the following
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