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Daewoon Park – Singsingpark

An acoustic musician with a passion for crafting melodies and lyrics, Park recently achieved second prize and recognition in an online song contest based in Vancouver. Throughout the pandemic, he immersed himself in composing music and penning heartfelt lyrics.

Formerly the charismatic frontman of a band, he has now embraced the intimacy of solo performances, yearning for opportunities to share his soulful voice and guitar skills with audiences. With a diverse repertoire spanning beloved English pop classics to infectious K-pop and J-pop tunes, he has a knack for spreading joy and happiness wherever he performs.

Granville Island beckons as a stage where he aspires to captivate audiences with his mix of music, including yodeling songs that showcases his versatility. Inspired by legendary acts such as the Bee Gees, CCR, Beatles, Neil Diamond, John Denver, and Elvis Presley, Park has infused his performances with a timeless charm that resonates with audiences of all ages. Here’s to the journey ahead, filled with melodies, memories, and moments to cherish.

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