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Ian Hill

Ian Hill started playing classical guitar at the age of six. Over twenty years later he’s still playing as a hobbyist musician while working towards a PhD in electrical engineering at the University of British Columbia. In 2021 he recorded and produced an album of classical repertoire, “Hobbies and Homebodies”, and distributed it on streaming platforms. Since then he has been working on challenging repertoire to push himself and has been getting started with some compositions of his own. Aside from classical guitar, Ian sings, plays trumpet, and picked up the electric guitar, all of which he used in the production of a pop style single he released in January 2024.

Ian’s classical performances are a glimpse into the beautiful simplicity and intimacy of the guitar. The instrument is quiet, complex, and warm, offering a respite from the loud and cluttered trends of modern day life. An invitation to be present in the moment and to set the tone for great conversations with friends and family.

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