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Jim Meyer

Vancouver-based Chapman Stick player Jim Meyer presents a solo performance of instrumental music on this 20th century instrument. As a composer of music on the Chapman Stick, Jim’s set brims with his original works, includes music written for the Stick by other composers, and is rounded out by select cover tunes.
Jim performs music from his two CDs: “Arbutus and Jade” is a mostly up-tempo duet with drummer/percussionist Mike Michalkow, and “Watercolour” is a clean and relaxing solo disc.
The Chapman Stick was conceived and built by Emmett Chapman in Southern California and first became available in the mid-1970s. It is a 12-string, fretted musical instrument played with a 2-handed tapping technique similar to piano. The right hand taps melodies and chords on 6 “melody” strings while the left hand simultaneously adds an accompaniment on 6 “bass” strings.
Jim has performed across North America, Europe and Australia. He is also the host of the Vancouver Stick Seminar and Stick Camp Canada. Now in its 19th year, this annual event draws an international group of Chapman Stick players to Vancouver, or one of the Gulf Islands, for a week of Chapman Stick immersion.

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Jim Meyer

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