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Luciano Rigobelo

Originally from Brazil, since 2019 Luciano Rigobelo has stated playing, and teaching music in Vancouver’s music scene. As a musician, teacher, and guitarist, he adds a special touch to his performances by embracing improvisation and drawing inspiration from his love for jazz. In Vancouver’s lively cultural environment, Rigobelo effortlessly blends his Brazilian roots with the free-spirited vibe of jazz, creating music that resonates with audiences.

His shows feature a mix of familiar tunes, enriched by his personal style, making each performance a journey of musical exploration. Beyond the stage, Rigobelo shares his passion and expertise as a music teacher, guiding budding musicians with a mix of technical know-how and genuine dedication.

Luciano Rigobelo’s musical journey is a testament to the universal appeal of music, seamlessly fusing diverse influences into a harmonious and expressive experience. Whether performing or teaching, Rigobelo leaves a lasting impact on Vancouver’s cultural landscape, sharing his genuine love for music.

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