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Trent Savage – Kitsguitarist

Trent sings and plays from the heart, all of the music you have heard growing up…classics from the 50’s though the decades into today’s hits. you will know many of the songs in his repertoire and will find yourself singing and dancing along as you are drawn to this engaging performer. Trent’s music is influenced by his Indigenous roots and the music he grew up with as a Metis kid from the streets of Winnipeg. Classic country and rock n roll were a huge part of his musical influences as a youngster.

Trent is a self taught musician who plays several instruments, including guitar, piano, electric bass and the drums. About a decade ago, Trent began adding vocals to his repertoire of skills. Music is about connection -to the performer, to the music, and to the audience.

Trent approaches his performances with a passion, and there is never an IPAD or cellphone to get between him and his audience, lived right there in the moment.

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1661 Duranleau St 2nd floor,
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
V6H 3S3

Phone: (604) 834-1567
Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM, Closed Weekends

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