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Wei Chen

Wei Chen, a passionate busker from China, with a love for music, particularly with enchanting melodies of Guangdong music and the soul-stirring notes of the Hsiao flute. Having honed his craft through his past involvement in a Yue opera band back in his hometown, Wei’s musical journey has been one of cultural immersion and heartfelt expression.

Presently, Wei captivates audiences with his mastery of the Hsiao flute, with backing tracks and amplification in his performance. Whether serenading passersby on streets or enchanting commuters outside stations, his repertoire spans the breadth of East Asian musical traditions, weaving together folk tunes from distant lands like Japan, North Korea, South Korea, China, Taiwan, and India.

A dedicated artist, Wei’s commitment to his craft shines through his daily practice regimen. His performances across North Vancouver, the Quay, Vancouver, New Westminster, Surrey, and Delta have not only showcased his talent but also enriched the local cultural tapestry. With each performance, Wei eagerly anticipates forging connections with fellow buskers and sharing his passion with new audiences, eagerly setting his sights on enchanting visitors at Granville Island with his mesmerizing melodies and multicultural flair.

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Phone: (604) 834-1567
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