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Anaconda: Fusion Bambu

Anaconda (Luis Martos) has travelled from San Marcos Cajamarca, Peru to perform South American and international music with Andes instruments every summer on Granville Island since 2000. Luis incorporates birdcall and rain sound using instruments like chacchas and mouth sounds. His extensive collection of instruments also include Asian, Indian, American flutes and Romanian pan flutes, ocarinas, zampoã‘as, quenachos, quenas, quenillos, bastos, tollos, semitollos, maltas, chilis, antaras and pututos.
Luis’s performance features him wearing a mix of traditional clothes from different continents including a Peruvian and American necklaces, Peruvian Velt, Native American poncho and local Canadian first nation’s bracelets. Luis feels his clothing helps visitors to Granville Island connect with his music even further. Luis is also excited to welcome his daughter Aracelly who joins him on vocal harmony with his performances on Granville Island.

Luis performing outdoors on Granville Island

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