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LuiFox Gutierrez

LuiFox from Alma Chevere World Latin Band is a singer-songwriter and a multitalented artist with experience in the performing arts as a salsa dancer. Born in Venezuela with a musical family background, LuiFox started in the scene studying at the Jose Angel Lamas’ superior music school in Caracas, Venezuela when he was 10 years old. His main instruments are the guitar and cajun flamenco.
LuiFox has been playing professionally over 20 years, creating compositions that are lyrical masterpieces of romance, passions, travels and the powerful emotions every immigrant feels when settling into a new life. The diversity of topics makes it easy for the audiences to connect with the music. He fuses multiple musical styles such as flamenco, pop, Latin pop, trova, tango, country, reggae, zouk and salsa.
As a singer, dancer, guitar player and percussionist, LuiFox has performed with Peter Mole, Poema Flamenco, Karen Flamenco, Jhon Guilliat, Xarabanda band, Ballarta band, Alma Libre, Juan de Marias, Gerardo Alcala, Tambura Rasa, and many others.
LuiFox is a charismatic and well-rounded artist, always open to learning, adapting, experimenting, and broadening his horizons.

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