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Piper McKenzie

Part comedy show, part juggling show, Piper McKenzie pushes the limits of risk using a skateboard, suitcases, tables, and knives. A crowd-pleasing and nerve-racking delight!
Spawned in the heart of the Kootenay Mountains, Piper came to the west coast two decades ago with three juggling clubs, a skateboard and an inclination to captivate, charm and enthrall audiences the world over. Having now performed in more than a few countries, countless whistle stops, boondocks, boondocks, boomtowns and boroughs, Piper brings unique skills together with well-honed juggling, crowd participation and idiosyncratic humour.
Vancouver has become a home base for Piper who worked in film and television for his first few years in the city and now dedicates most of his time to entertaining. When he’s not on the road you can find Piper performing in Triangle Square and the Public Market Courtyard on Granville Island. Stop for a funny joke, stay for a dangerous stunt. A show worth watching if you haven’t already.

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1661 Duranleau St 2nd floor,
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
V6H 3S3

Phone: (604) 834-1567
Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM, Closed Weekends

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