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Shawn Bullshields

Shawn Bullshields is a singer/guitarist/harmonica player with a natural charisma and professional delivery. He grew up on the Blood Reserve, Standoff, Alberta, a member of the Blackfoot Nation, which consists of 4 tribes in Southern Alberta and stretches into Montana. Shawn moved to Vancouver in the early 90s. Through various performance experiences and friends he has met along the way, Shawn has found his vocal and guitar style. His repertoire of music comes from the genres of pop, country and folk. Shawn’s song selection is from various artists such as Simon & Garfunkel, Bruce Springsteen, Buffalo Springfield, Cat Stevens, David Gray, James Taylor, Elvis Presley, Gordon Lightfoot, and others. Shawn commands instant attention because his voice conveys the truth, beauty and deep meaning within each song, expressed with the full weight of his personal life experience. He has a masterful singing voice and acoustic easy listening performance style. Shawn sings from the heart and each song is a gift.

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