Today, both provincial and federal health authorities expanded the ban on public gatherings to include all events with 50 people or more. These measures now impact busking.There will be no busking for 2 weeks. We will monitor the situation daily and amend accordingly. The health and well-being of Granville Island buskers, visitors and staff are a top priority. With this measure we can do our bit to limit the spread of COVID-19 virus and hopefully in turn ensure a quicker return to a healthy and safe population as soon as possible in anticipation of the upcoming summer. We are acutely aware of the significant impact this has on busking and busker livelihood. However, we also believe that getting on top of the situation as soon as possible also reduces a much longer and detrimental impact for all of us. It’s worth the effort now to help ensure the summer has a chance of not being affected.

This was not a quick, nor an easy decision! A special thank you to the buskers for their incredible patience with these circumstances and their understanding. Please do continue to check here to be notified of the return to busking when the time comes. 

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