1. Buskers should have a neat and clean appearance, conduct themselves in a safe, professional and co-operative manner and abide by the Busking Regulations in order to receive and maintain permission to perform on Granville Island. Undesirable conduct or failure to uphold the Busking Regulations will result in the busking licence being revoked.
  2. Aggressive or persistent solicitation of donations is not permitted. Buskers may receive donations for their performances, but must not charge a minimum or set fee for performances.
  3. Smoking during performances or in designated non-smoking areas on Granville Island is not permitted. City of Vancouver smoking by-laws must be respected.
  4. Any and all changes to the posted schedule are to be made by CMHC Granville Island only.
  5. Buskers may not advertise, endorse or promote products or sponsors, sell or distribute products or merchandise other than selling their own CDs. Signs, banners or displays that are not integral to the performance are not permitted. CMHC Granville Island reserves the right to remove any sign, banner or display that obstructs or interferes with pedestrian or traffic circulation, normal business activity, or obstructs the view of other permitted signage.
  6. Buskers are not permitted to use public seating, tables or chairs for performances.
  7. Buskers may not represent themselves as agents or employees of CMHC Granville Island and/or CMHC.
  8. Performances will take place in designated locations only. Locations may be occasionally unavailable for performances. Advance notice will be given whenever possible.
  9. Buskers must fully co-operate with their fellow buskers, merchants and CMHC Granville Island staff and not interfere with, obstruct or inconvenience the performances of another registered busker.
  10. Buskers using fire and/or dangerous props must complete a Fire/Dangerous Props Declaration – located on the reverse side of the application form.
  11. Buskers must refrain from the use of lewd or offensive conduct or language in the course of their performances.
  12. Buskers agree that the safety and enjoyment of the public is of paramount concern and must always ensure their performance does not directly or indirectly compromise the safety and enjoyment of Granville Island visitors, fellow buskers, merchants or staff.

Buskers agree to indemnify and save harmless CMHC Granville Island from all costs, loss, damages, proceedings, actions, claims, demands and expenses incurred by the busker and sustained or caused by, or arising out of the busker’s performance or behaviour on Granville Island.
By accepting the licence, the busker agrees to fully comply with all of the terms and conditions of the licence and the Granville Island Busking Regulations on the understanding that the licence will be suspended, cancelled or revoked for noncompliance of any condition contained within these Regulations.



The Granville Island Busking Regulations are enforced by a three hole-punch system. Each time a rule is broken the busker receives a hole-punch in their licence. If a busker acquires a third hole-punch, their licence is revoked for the remainder of the busking year.

CMHC Granville Island Staff reserve the right to cancel, at their discretion, and without notice, any performance that is deemed to be inappropriate or disruptive. Certain behaviour such as physical or verbal abuse to anyone on Granville Island, including fellow buskers, will result in disciplinary action or revoking of the busker licence. Inappropriate behaviour includes but is not limited to: intoxication, intimidation, swearing, yelling, heckling passers-by, belligerence, harassment, manipulation and showing continued disrespect for the program.


Buskers must display their Busking Licence in a clearly visible position during their performance and be in possession of their busking licence at all times when carrying out busking activities (i.e. setting up, the morning draw, performing).


Setup and strike must happen within the allotted set times – no exceptions.

Under no circumstance may a busker setup or start their set early. They must also not stay beyond their end time: this includes not being a physical presence on or near the pitch so that there is no distraction for the next busker. Even if there is no busker scheduled immediately after a busker’s set, the same rule applies. Regardless of what activity is taking place, staying beyond your end time is a violation.


Buskers are responsible for maintaining pedestrian flow and crowd control at all times.

Buskers and street performers must ensure free and safe access for pedestrians along any pathways or thoroughfares near the performance site. Performers must ensure that they and their audience do not block shop doorways during business hours, dining areas and cafes, bus stops, fire escapes, roads and doorways. Wheelchair access around a site must be maintained at all times.

Buskers must publicly announce and direct crowds before and during the performance to maintain essential access clearances as indicated above.

Buskers must keep the site in use clean while they are working, ensure that their use of the site does not pose a threat to public safety and that the busking site is left in the condition in which it was found. Circle Show licence holders must ensure that the busking site is not stained with any material, chemical or other residue.


Buskers wishing to sell recordings must complete the Sale of Musical Recording form. Permission to sell recordings will be granted only if the recording is of the Busker’s own work and is available for sale during their performance. Prior to selling a recording, buskers must supply CMHC Granville Island with one copy of each recording to ensure originality and to replace defective products. If a busker licence is no longer active and recordings are not claimed within six months, CMHC Granville Island will donate the recordings to charity.


All aspects of dispute resolution MUST be conducted through CMHC Granville Island. Buskers are not to engage with Island merchants, other buskers or members of the public. Should an issue arise, the busker is to immediately contact the CMHC Granville Island office at 604-834-1567.